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Information for Parents and Players

ALL Sixth Graders are encouraged to join this club sport. The sessions are designed to introduce beginning players to the basic ground strokes and sportsmanship in tennis.

Sessions are held for about 1.25 hours right after school, usually at the tennis courts at the school. (Slauson is the exception; sixth graders are escorted by adult coaches to the West Park Tennis courts, where the sessions are held.) In case of rain or other bad weather, sessions are held in the gym or cafeteria at each school. We try to have the sessions on a day when late buses are available.

The sessions are FREE to sixth graders. In addition, the Ann Arbor Area Community Tennis Association provides the tennis balls and rackets. Players can use their own rackets. Players only need to wear sturdy shoes suitable for a tennis court and bring a water bottle. 

Ralleyball Tournament is held at the University of Michigan Varsity Tennis Center (2250 S State St), usually in the last week of the program. Play begins about 4:30pm. Sixth graders are transported from their school to the Varsity Tennis Center by AAPS buses. Family and friends are encouraged to attend. Parents must pick up their children or arrange transportation for them at 6:00pm, after the tournament.

 Sixth-Grade Program: Info for Parents & Players
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School specific information:

Ann Arbor Open: Sixth grade tennis sessions are held on Wednesdays.

Ann Arbor STEAM at Northside: Sixth grade tennis sessions are held on Tuesdays.

Clague: Sixth grade tennis sessions are held on Mondays. 

Forsythe: Sixth grade tennis sessions are held on Thursdays.

Scarlett: Sixth grade tennis sessions are held on Mondays.

Slauson: Sixth grade tennis sessions are held on Tuesdays.

Tappan: Sixth grade tennis sessions are held on Mondays. 
Generic Parent Permission Form (Please insert your child’s school in the three blank spaces. Also note your child’s T-shirt size for the shirts distributed to each sixth grader at the Ralleyball tournament. The form can be printed and returned to your child’s adult coach, or an electronic version sent to Wes Dunnick. A parent permission form (either this one, or a school specific form distributed by adult coaches at each school) MUST be returned for every sixth grader.)