Supporting and promoting tennis in the Ann Arbor area
The Ann Arbor City Tennis Tournament

In 1919, 24 players met in the first Ann Arbor City Tennis Tournament, a single-elimination competition held at West Park. The tournament became an annual event in 1927 (except for the period of 1942-1954). 

The heyday of the tournament was in the mid-1970s when tennis was booming all over the country. The men's singles category had at least 128 players and the men's doubles had about 96 teams in the 1970s. In those days, play for singles, doubles, and mixed doubles began on one weekend, continued throughout the week, and finished the following weekend. Amazingly, many players competed in all 3 events.

According to former tournament director Gordon Boettcher, who also played 19 times between 1967-1995, huge crowds would come out to watch. In an article in the Ann Arbor News, he said, "I'd say there would be between 300 and 400 people watching. And (the crowd) would get bigger and bigger as the championship matches got closer. They'd go crazy!"

See the List of Winners & Finalists from 1919 to the present.
City Tournament Archives: 1970-1999
Lou Weir 1971
Earl Schulze 1971
Sheryl Leicher 1998
1998 Mixed Doubles
Dave & Sue Bishop 1997
Greg Maxwell 1992
Theo Shepherd 1983
Bill Godfrey 1990
Cindy Morris 1973
Theo Shepherd 1973
Pat Hindert 1973
Men's Doubles 1973
John Arthos 1973
Robbie Risdon 1989
Kathy Vandewege 1992
Betsy Mehaffie 1988
All archive material comes from the Ann Arbor News.
Casey Cromwell 1990
Clare North 1990
Leo Legatski 1990
Jennifer Lev 1990
Jack VanderVelde 1990
Steve Jacobson 1990
Cecilia Fileti 1990
Craig Ross 1992
Beau Toy 1992
Phil Augustyn 1992
Don Selenis 1992
Jack Amundsen 1994
Marilyn VanderVelde 1989
Jack VanderVelde 1989?
Sue Loebs 1970
Ollie Owens 1970
Howard Rowlands 1970
Lila Green 1971