Supporting and promoting tennis in the Ann Arbor area
2019 Sixth-Grade Tennis Program

The 2019 Sixth-Grade Tennis Program enjoyed its grand finale event with a fun-filled Ralleyball Tournament at Varsity Tennis Center.
 Middle School Program
For the 18th year, the 6th Grade Tennis program taught beginning tennis players the basics of forehands, backhands, and volleys over six weeks. The weekly sessions took place at each of the Ann Arbor public schools with sixth graders. This free-to-participants program was staffed by an enthusiastic group of adult volunteers and high school student coaches.

The program wrapped up its season with an all-school Ralleyball Tournament at Varsity Tennis Center on Friday, June 7. About 120 sixth graders played five rounds of Ralleyball against teams from other schools. The event was enjoyed by more than 80 parents and other spectators.

If you would like to continue the fun this summer, try Drills and Skills, a new program for new/inexperienced players taught by AAACTA volunteers. For the summer schedule or for more information, contact Tim Kipp.