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Full Court Tennis Club
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Our goal is to make the Swing Into Tennis events affordable for all. To realize that goal, an angel donor has created and funded the Full Court Tennis Club. Members of the Club will get free entry into any of the tournaments in the series and a practice clinic prior to the tournaments. If you would like to join the Full Court Tennis Club (which is totally FREE!) and play in the Swing Into Tennis tournament series (again, totally FREE!), please email AAACTA

We are currently looking for an Administrator to run the Full Court Tennis Club. We expect that the time commitment will be approximately 8 hours during the week of each tournament (~48 hours total). The first tournament is May 21 and the last one is September 12. There may be additional hours available as we work to collaborate on tennis programming with Peace Neighborhood Center. We will pay the appropriate candidate $25/hour. This is a brand new program so we will be looking to the candidate to help us form and evolve it as we go, but we know that we expect the Club Administrator to do the following:

  • Find and recruit kids to the Club.
  • Find ways to promote the "Swing Into Tennis" series in areas where tennis availability is limited.
  • Run the pre-tournament clinics. 
  • Support Club kids at the tournaments.
  • Find ways for the Club to grow into a program that provides more training opportunities for underserved kids in the future.

If you are interested, please email AAACTA. This could be the greatest summer job ever for the right person!

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