Supporting and promoting tennis in the Ann Arbor area
Full Court Tennis Club
Our goal is to make the Swing Into Tennis events affordable for all. To realize that goal, an angel donor has created and funded the Full Court Tennis Club. Members of the Club will get free entry into any of the tournaments in the series and a practice clinic prior to the tournaments. If you would like to join the Full Court Tennis Club (which is totally FREE!) and play in the Swing Into Tennis tournament series (again, totally FREE!), please email us

The steps to join the Full Court Tennis Club are simple:

  • register your kids for the free USTA account (if they aren't already USTA members)
  • send us your kids' names and USTA numbers
  • identify the tournament(s) they want to play in
  • confirm that you are requesting a scholarship entry to the tournament series based on your economic situation

After we receive that information, we will sign your kids up for the tournaments they are interested in playing and contact you as soon as club activities are scheduled. 

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