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RESIDENCY & AGE REQUIREMENTS: All players must be residents of Washtenaw County. Age requirements are per USTA guidelines. Players must be amateurs who do not exceed the maximum age by the last day of the month in which the tournament starts. (Example: if a player turns 13 in August 2014, s/he may play in the 12 & under division for this event.) There are 9 age divisions for singles: kids 10 (boys & girls combined), girls 12, girls 14, girls 16, girls 18, boys 12, boys 14, boys 16, and boys 18. There are 8 divisions for doubles: girls 12, girls 14, girls 16, girls 18, boys 12, boys 14, boys 16, and boys 18. Each player may enter only one singles and one doubles event.

MATCH SCHEDULING: All participants should report to their tournament site on the designated play date 15 minutes before the start time, RAIN or SHINE. Default time is 10 minutes after the scheduled match start time (when a court is available). Players should be prepared to play two rounds a day (up to four matches a day if playing both singles and doubles). Matches will begin no earlier than 8:00am and conclude by 5:00pm on both days of the tournament.

FORMAT: Each match will be 2 sets with a Match Tiebreak (first to 10 by 2) if players should split sets (i.e., both players win a set). A 3-minute break is allowed between the 2nd set & the Match Tiebreak. Coaching is allowed during this break. A Set Tiebreak (first to 7 by 2) will be used at 6-6 in each set. There is a consolation bracket for singles players that lose their first round match. Doubles is single elimination (i.e., no consolation round). All matches will be played on full-sized courts. There will be no shortened courts for the 10 & Under division. The 10 & Under divisions will use the green (low compression) balls. All other age divisions will use regulation tennis balls.
 2014 City Tournament: Junior Rules and Registration Information
DRAWS: Draws will be posted on the AAACTA website at least 24 hours before the start of play. Players should check the AAACTA website for first-round match times and locations.

RAIN POLICY: All participants should report to their tournament site on the designated play date 15 minutes before the start time, RAIN or SHINE. The Tournament Director will determine whether or not to delay matches or to reschedule. At the Director’s discretion, matches may be moved indoors. In this case, players will be responsible for indoor court fees. Matches moved indoors may have modified formats at the discretion of the Director.

ENTRY FEES: Singles: $20 per player. Doubles: $30 per team ($15 per player). Tournament fees are nonrefundable. Players will receive balls for matches and choice of a T-shirt or tote bag. Trophies will be awarded to the finalists of each division.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Assisting with rules or line calls is NOT ALLOWED. If players require assistance during the match, they should raise their racquets and wait for assistance from a tournament official. As noted above under FORMAT, coaching is not allowed except between the 2nd set & the Match Tiebreak. Players should exercise extreme caution in high heat and humidity. Please bring adequate water and other supplies to the match site.

Tennis player and spectator etiquette guidelines:

  • During a point, spectators are to remain quiet. Spirited cheers are welcome after a hard-earned point. All cheers should be delivered in a positive manner, particularly after a long or impressive rally.
  • Applaud for a long rally, a well-played point, or a clean winner. Do not applaud for unforced errors, bad serves, or double faults.
  • Spectators may not, for any reason, walk onto the courts. Viewing should be from outside the courts, on the grass, or in the stands.

QUESTIONS: If you have questions prior to the tournament, email the Tournament Director, Helen Giordani at

WAIVER: I grant permission to AAACTA to use any photos or videos taken during the tournament for display on the AAACTA website and for legitimate marketing or promotional purposes.

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NOTE: When you register, you will have the opportunity to purchase an AAACTA membership and receive a discount on your entry fee. However, the family membership is not automatically adding other family members to the database. Please email Betsy Capelli with the names of your immediate family members so that she can add them to the database. Thank you!