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 2022 City Tournament: Parent-Child Rules and Registration Information
All teams in this tournament will play in a single division regardless of gender of adult or child.  

Before registering for the tournament, please read the rules, which are available below. Your registration is confirmation that you agree to comply with these rules.

To register your team, the first partner should complete the registration. The system will send a confirmation email to that partner. Once the first partner is registered, you will be able to select them as your partner during the registration process and the system will create the team. 

AGE REQUIREMENT: The child must be at least entering 6th grade and no older than 17. The “parent” can be any adult over 18 (does not have to be a biological parent). Parent-Child Special Event teams can be same or mixed genders.

ENTRY FEES: Parent-Child: $17.50 per player. Tournament fees are nonrefundable.

LEVELS OF PLAY: The Tournament Committee will group teams into similar levels as best as we can with the information available. Match play will be a non-elimination format.

FORMAT: Either compass draw or round robin, based on number of entrants.

TENNIS BALLS: USTA-approved balls will be provided by the tournament.

DRAWS: Draws will be available here or on AAACTA's website at least 24 hours before the start of play. Players are responsible for checking the draws for their match start times. 

MATCH SCHEDULING: All players should report to Varsity 15 minutes before the start time unless the tournament website says otherwise. DEFAULT TIME IS 10 MINUTES AFTER THE START TIME (when a court is available). Warm-up is limited to 10 minutes. You may play in this event and the Mixed Doubles tournament, but if you make it to the final day of the Mixed Doubles, be prepared to play a lot of tennis.

RAIN POLICY: All players should report to Varsity 15 minutes before the start time RAIN or SHINE, unless the Tournament Director notifies you otherwise. We reserve the right to cancel in case of rain. The Tournament Director will determine whether to delay, reschedule, cancel, or move matches indoors. All participants will be responsible for court fees for matches moved indoors.

PLAYER AND SPECTATOR GUIDELINES: As a community tournament, camaraderie and fair play are our first priority. If players require assistance regarding rules during the match, they should raise their racquets and wait for assistance from a tournament official. Coaching is not allowed at any time.

COVID POLICY: If you are not feeling well, please withdraw from the event. If you are a spectator and not feeling well, please stay home. There will be no handshakes at the conclusion of matches, instead we will use the racket tap.

WAIVER: I grant permission to AAACTA to use any photos or videos taken during the tournament for display on the AAACTA website and social media accounts and for legitimate marketing or promotional purposes.

QUESTIONS: If you have questions prior to the tournament, please email the Tournament Director at
By clicking on the registration link below, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the above rules.

​Registration has closed.
To register your Parent-Child team, the parent/adult should complete the registration first. The system will send a confirmation email with a link to register the other partner. Once the first partner is registered, you (the child) will be able to select them as your partner during the registration process and the system will create the team. Note: only the second partner has to select their partner's name during registration, the first partner does not.